Universal Credit is the new means tested benefit that replaces six in-work and out of work benefits.  We have listened to Universal Credit claimants and the agencies supporting them, and heard their worries about the complexity of the application process. In response, we have developed this short course, to help individuals as Universal Credit rolls out across the UK.

UC Savvy is a short course designed to help people understand and negotiate some of the complexities of Universal Credit, with signposting to professional advice.

UC Savvy complements Cash Smart Credit Savvy and many UC claimants will find the information and activities in the 5 CSCS modules, particularly Building a Budget, very helpful as they negotiate the transition to a new benefit.


How to use the course materials

The course materials contain a set of slides, which you then print as a booklet for people to take away. You can either deliver the course using the slides as a presentation or by sitting with someone and working through the booklet together. The course covers:

  • Understanding what Universal Credit is and how to get ready for it

  • Knowing where to get help with Universal Credit

  • How Universal Credit may affect claimants' budgets

Whilst UC Savvy is designed to be straightforward to use, your audience will get more out of the session if you take some time to become familiar with the material.

It will also be helpful to check  the support available for Universal Credit in your area. You could also find out in advance about organisations and advice services in your area who could offer additional support and advice for example, Citizens Advice and Job Centre Plus.

Please note that we will update the course materials as often as possible to keep up to date with changes to the Universal Credit system. Universal Credit is rapidly changing so please sign up to ensure you receive notification of updates and are using the latest version. We last updated the materials in February 2019.


Resource Downloads

How to run a course

UC Savvy can be delivered in between one to two hours, either to claimants or to those who support them in churches, drop-ins and other charities working with people claiming Universal Credit.   The material can be delivered either to groups or one-to-one.

A longer session could incorporate the Building a Budget module from Cash Smart Credit Savvy which includes practical activities that explore the building blocks needed to create a budget and an introduction to simple online budgeting tools.

UC Savvy is designed to help people understand and negotiate some of the complexities of Universal Credit and, where necessary, to signpost them to  professional advice and further support.

UC Savvy does not enable you to give advice, which is a regulated activity and should always be provided by a professional debt advisor.

It’s been so helpful and definitely will be a huge benefit in terms of us getting ready for our Foodbank guests over October and the upcoming months. It’s so easy for people to fall behind with information and updates around benefits... I’m sure this will be a lifeline for some.
— Abi Pitt, Sneinton Salvation Army
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