Across the UK, many households find it difficult to budget effectively and save for emergencies. When it comes to confidence and skills around managing money well, most of us have something to learn but many of us also have tips or strategy we could share with others. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to talk about money.

Cash Smart Credit Savvy (CSCS) is an introduction to budgeting skills and saving. Designed as an early intervention, to prevent financial challenges becoming a crisis, the programme improves financial wellbeing by increasing confidence and skill in making informed choices about money.

By working with existing local organisations and networks, equipping their frontline staff and volunteers, the programme successfully engages participants and removes the stigma often attached to money management courses by offering small, manageable modules in a familiar setting and activities that encourage participants to build on and share their existing knowledge.


of participants say they save more frequently


of participants save more money


said they had shared their newly-gained knowledge with others


said they now plan their finances

Facilitator Training

The CSCS programme is delivered by facilitators, usually staff or volunteers in frontline services or community organisations who already have trusted relationships with their service users and are able to use the programme resources to open up a conversation about money and lead someone through a set of activities.

Facilitators are important: they are not money experts or advisers but are able to effectively draw out, and build on, the knowledge of participants.

In order to use the CSCS resources, we ask all facilitators to complete a short training course designed to introduce you to the material and guide you through the activities.  Where possible, we try to match you with a course that is running locally to you.

Once you are registered as a facilitator you will be able to access the full range of CSCS resources including:

  • Full set of course slides

  • Facilitators' handbook

  • Printable workbooks for participants

  • Guidance on how to use the programme

  • Customisable marketing material to advertise a course

  • Sign in sheet

  • Tools to help you measure the difference you’re making


Using the programme

We suggest that group courses are run over two weeks with each session lasting around 2 hours. The break in between is a useful opportunity for participants to fill in a spending diary and think about their household budget. There is no maximum group size but smaller groups encourage people to share their experiences and for facilitators to offer more support.

When used one-to-one CSCS is even more flexible and modules can be chosen to address particular areas for development with the facilitator offering more support and feedback during activities.

What to expect?

There are 5 CSCS modules:

  • Savvy Spending: The importance of shopping around to make your money go further.
  • Building a budget: Having a clear idea of what a budget is and how to make one that works for you.
  • Credit and Loans: Understanding credit and making informed choices.
  • Saving: Exploring how saving even small amounts of money is vital to financial resilience and wellbeing.
  • Debt: Knowing when there is a debt problem and where to go to access free professional debt advice.

Cash Smart Credit Savvy Films

These short films are all under 2 minutes long and introduce some of the main themes explored in the CSCS modules. We hear from an individual about their personal money story and then highlight some top tips on the topic. Showing one of these films could be a good way to introduce a module at the start of a session or provide a visual break between modules.



CSCS empowers people… I just love seeing little light bulbs going on in people’s heads, almost as if they’re being set free from the struggles that they’re in.
— CSCS facilitator
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