The Just Finance Foundation has a vision of a fair financial system and addresses the issues of financial exclusion, distress caused by unmanageable money worries and debt, and the lack of practical knowledge around budgeting, saving and spending.

We want to improve the supply of relevant, affordable and responsible credit and financial services; increasing the motivation, ability and confidence of people, particularly those on low incomes, to manage their money and make wise use of financial products and services. Through the insight and understanding we gain from local communities, we want to inform and facilitate change in organisations, policy and regulation. 

Our work helps people avoid and find ways out of financial distress by building their financial capability and providing relevant support and signposting to self-help and services. At the same time, we act to influence and reshape both national and local structures and systems to better reflect the needs and interests of low-income households.

Over the last 10 years, financial distress has become endemic in Britain. This is due to a combination of growing inequality and poverty, a banking sector dominated by large banks that are slow to adapt to contemporary lifestyles, and a long-standing culture of reluctance to talk about and manage money or develop the skills to do so.

According to the Financial Lives Survey 2018, 50% of us are vulnerable to financial distress. 40% of adults have less than £100 in a savings buffer, 1 in 6 is living with problem debt and two thirds of us fail to plan for the future (Financial Capability Survey, 2015, Money Advice Service).

Talking about money, and taking the first steps to resolve difficulties, is more highly stigmatized in Britain than anything else, leaving many to reach crisis before seeking help.


Our aims


Increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and financial services, particularly for low-income households.


Build people's motivation, expertise and access to fair financial services.


Equip future generations to manage their money wisely.


Develop fair financial systems in local communities.

Financial vulnerability and struggle crush human beings. We need to have a vision to create a fair and just financial system that is accessible and open to all.
— Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury
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Our Leadership

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Most Revd Justin Welby Sir Douglas Flint Sarah Wallace

President Chair Programme Director

We work with a range of trusted and valued partners and funders, both locally and nationally, to enable a suite of best practice delivery and sustainable solutions.



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