Newcastle Diocese is largely a rural diocese with an urban fringe. The City of Newcastle upon Tyne is situated at the Southernmost point. There are urban areas of past industry, namely ship building and coal mining, and these areas can be quite deprived with, in some cases, third generation of unemployment.

The more rural areas in the North cover many miles with the main employment being agriculture and tourism. Rural poverty can be disguised by the beauty of the surroundings but low wages and poor access to amenities cause hardship.



  • The North East of England has the lowest level of savings and investments than any other English region and over half of the adult population has less than £100 put aside for the unforeseen.
  • Northumberland is 96.7% rural. Of Northumberland’s workforce 13.9% is on National Minimum Wage or less. Rural areas have a lower uptake of benefit entitlements, particularly pension credit.
  • Rural food banks run by churches are providing in excess of 440 food parcels a month and fuel poor households increased by 17% last year.
  • On a regional level, councils in the North East had funding cut by 7.8% compared to 3.4% in the wealthier South East.

Core activities


A major piece of work for the area has been to secure the viability of our Credit Union in Northumberland, now named Northumberland Community Bank. This first year has put the organisation on a sound financial and operational basis, and a strategic business development plan has been put in place.


The Lifesavers programme has worked well in the Northumberland Church of England Academy and we have been able to engage with parents in a meaningful way. A number of parents have been trained as facilitators for the budgeting course.


Church engagement is beginning to show fruit and we have our first Community Money Advice centre in a church on the outskirts of Newcastle.

Our Co-ordinator IN TYNE TO TWEED


Liz Chadwick

Liz was appointed as Just Finance’s development worker in Tyne to Tweed to promote and support responsible finance providers and improve access to free debt advice, financial capability training and appropriate financial services.  She has spent many years working in the advice sector, latterly running a Community Legal Advice Telephone Centre for legal advice on Debt, Housing, Welfare Benefits and Employment. Sadly this service was cut in 2013 but her knowledge of the sector and strong contacts and relationships have helped to oil the wheels of the Just Finance work in this region.

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