When someone is struggling with debt it can be very difficult to know what to do or where to go for help. Indeed many people aren't even aware that there is free debt advice out there. Guiding someone to professional debt advice is a vital step in helping them deal with their debt problems.

This new resource equips people to be the link between someone who's in debt and the professional support and advice they need. It's for anyone who would like to know more about the causes and impact of debt and how to signpost confidently and effectively to debt advice. 

The workshop is designed to be run in two and half hours, ideally in groups of 5 -15, and consists of facilitator led discussions and activities. It is supported by a series of video clips covering the more technical aspects of the course along with real-life stories from those affected by debt.

It does not equip individuals to provide debt advice themselves - this a regulated activity for which authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority is required.


The workshop looks at:

  • The causes of debt problems
  • Identifying when someone needs debt advice
  • Responding appropriately when someone tells you they’re in debt
  • The types of advice available and how these can be accessed
  • How to prepare someone for debt advice

To run the workshop you will need:

  • A room with equipment for playing a DVD or with a WIFI connection for playing or downloading videos from the internet
  • The free workshop materials. These can either be ordered as a pack or downloaded but both versions include:
    • Facilitator Notes
    • Participants Workbooks (one for each participant)
    • Five short videos (DVD or download)

The Facilitator:

  • Does not need any prior knowledge of debt advice required - the technical content of the workshop is delivered by video
  • Should be prepared to facilitate the group activities and keep the workshop to time
  • Needs to be able to spend some time reading through the workshop materials in advance

Order a pack of the resources (The Facilitator Notes,  5 copies of the Participants Workbooks and a DVD of the video content)  from CPO using the link below. All booklets are free but there is a charge of £5.50 for postage and packing. Additional packs of 5 Workbooks (£4.50).

You can access the downloadable resources from the Money Advice Trust by completing a short registration form and then following the on screen instructions.  After registration, you will have access to the materials for three months, during which you can access them as many times as you like.

Helping people to get out of debt, and freeing them from the anxiety and exploitation that often goes with being in debt, is part of the Church’s commitment to human flourishing. I welcome this new training resource to help local churches play a vital role in encouraging people to seek assistance earlier and to make use of the many free debt advice services that are available.
— Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
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