Ensuring that everyone has access to fair and affordable financial services and support is essential for creating healthy communities.

Financial exclusion has become a major social problem, a symptom and cause of underemployment, poor health and homelessness. Communities with higher levels of poverty and disadvantage can be most affected, with funds to expand or sustain services under pressure. Many mainstream services are no longer relevant for low income households and innovation is overdue. Low income customers face the highest costs, yet are the least equipped to pay.


of adults are living with problem debt


of UK adults have been overdrawn in the last year

Our Aim

Develop fair financial systems in local communities.

We began working in communities by testing an approach to community mobilisation and volunteering that collaborates with local churches.   It quickly became an effective way to reach people who would never have the confidence to seek help or know where to start, leading to increased membership of local credit unions, and an increase in the uptake of innovative new financial products.

Today we are growing this approach, strengthening our supporter base, with a greater commitment to tackle financial exclusion. We want to be more ambitious, working with key assets in communities to facilitate change. Our aim is to show how a small but focussed local organisation can make financial inclusion a priority, increase the flow of responsible finance, reduce the populations at risk of financial distress, and foster the conditions for a fair financial system.

We are supporting four local organisations developing their work in communities across the Black Country, Liverpool, London (north of the Thames) and Tyne to Tweed, with a view to helping other communities tailor the model to their area.



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Through our local networks we promote and support credit unions and other community finance providers, and improve access to free debt advice, financial capability training, and appropriate financial services.

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Just Finance Black Country provided an opportunity to meet and speak with so many different organisations working towards helping communities tackle financial exclusion and learn how working together can bring change to so many different lives and families.
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