High quality financial education and opportunities to start saving equip children to manage money well now and in the future.

Children today face one of the most challenging financial landscapes in a generation. Evidence shows children form their fundamental attitudes and behaviour around money as early as age 7, but there is no requirement of primary schools to teach children financial education.


of parents find it difficult to talk to their child about money matters


of children say they have not learned about money management at school

Our Aim

Equip future generations to manage their money wisely.

 LifeSavers is a pioneering and market leading model of embedded financial education for primary school children. LifeSavers schools deliver values-based financial education across year groups through assemblies and lessons, engage parents in supporting their children, and run savings clubs to help good financial habits take hold.  

Lifesavers is currently delivered in over 100 schools with more on the way. We are working with the banking sector and encouraging government to help us move beyond pilot scale delivery to help all schools integrate these critical life skills. LifeSavers gives children the building blocks of good financial health.

Early evaluation has shown LifeSavers delivers improvements in knowledge and changes in behaviour and increases parents’ engagement in their children’s money management.






LifeSavers is a financial education programme for primary schools, giving children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well.

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Lifesavers moves beyond the simplistic economic narrative to offer the chance to develop financial wisdom, and the knowledge and skills that help pupils shape their financial values as part of a life lived well.
— Rev. Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer, Church of England
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