Affordable and fair credit is a lifeline for many and offers a viable alternative to high cost credit card companies and payday lenders.

With growing inequality, low or no wage increases, and an increase in short or temporary contracts, household incomes are becoming more pressed and unpredictable. Financial distress is becoming a norm, and household borrowing is returning to pre-crash levels of 2008. 


of UK adults have had a consumer credit product or loan in the last year


million UK adults say they have been declined a financial product in the last two years

Our Aim

Increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and financial services, particularly for low-income households.

For those on a low or changing salary it can be difficult to put money away for the expensive items or essentials.  Too often, borrowing money has become a gateway to long-term debt, vulnerability, anxiety, and poor emotional and mental health. We want to break that cycle. Affordable credit with fair terms and working practices offers a lifeline. By helping these organisations expand, we can help millions of people regain financial health, and thrive.

We work across the financial system to determine how to unlock capital and provide responsible finance providers with the support they need to meet demand.




Responsible Finance Growth and Development Fund

The responsible finance sector is a fraction of the size of the high cost sector, yet it has the potential to offer a real alternative for consumers who need to access short term credit. Building on existing research this project will identify potential investors in responsible lenders, build a picture of the responsible finance landscape, and evaluate options for investment. The project is a partnership with Responsible Finance and UK Finance.

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The Just Finance Foundation helped us reach more people who need our services, as well as offering advice and training on the impact of universal credit. The support has been invaluable.
— Karen Bennett - CEO, Enterprise Credit Union
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