Gaining the knowledge and skills to manage money well increases financial resilience and boosts confidence. 

Financial capability, the attitudes, knowledge and skills to manage money, is essential if we are to prevent money pressures becoming deep-rooted money hardships. Yet two thirds of people in the UK don’t plan for life events, and 45% don’t seek help with debts because they believe they can manage them.


of UK adults have little or no confidence in managing their money


of all UK adults report low knowledge about financial matters

Our Aim

Build people's motivation, expertise and access to fair financial services.

The Just Finance outreach and engagement programme equips frontline staff and volunteers in local services, retail outlets and larger employers to identify people showing signs of financial distress, using a trusted relationship to guide and support them in resolving difficulties through self-help or the use of local services.

By examining the needs and behaviour of different groups of customers at different stages in their lives, we design and test products and services, tools and resources, that help them take control. We cultivate values that support wise decisions.  By embedding programmes within communities, working with schools, local service providers, businesses and employers, we maximise accessibility to vital resources, and ensure they are delivered through a trusted relationship.





Cash Smart Credit Savvy (CSCS) is an introduction to budgeting skills and saving. Designed as an early intervention, to prevent financial challenges becoming a crisis, the programme improves financial wellbeing by increasing confidence and skill in making informed choices about money.

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The thing that draws me in to want to deliver it more is that I feel it empowers people. I just love little light bulbs going off in people’s heads and being almost set free from the struggles that they’re in.
— JFF Course Facilitator
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