Thank you from all of us to all of you

Mustard Seed 2017.png

This autumn, churches across the country have hosted harvest collections for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Mustard Seed Appeal whilst individuals have been making generous donations in the run up to harvest.

We want to thank each church and every person; everyone that has given to the Mustard Seed Appeal. Thanks to your generous contributions we have been able to continue our work to make finance fair for all in England. All the money that has been donated will be used effectively to achieve this goal.


Through our work we can support people who are experiencing financial crises and reach out to people all across the country, so that we can all learn to manage money wisely.

This means making sure that people can get the support and services they need:

  •       free debt advice
  •       help with budgeting
  •       access to affordable loans
  •       opportunities to save

It also means challenging unfair practices, such as the interest rates of high cost loans and the poverty premium where poor households pay more for essential goods and services. So, thank you to everyone who has donated; because of you lives will be changed.

If you would like to donate to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Mustard Seed Appeal, there’s still plenty of time.

NewsPolly Taylor