Through our local networks in the Black Country, Liverpool and Tyne to Tweed, we promote and support credit unions and other community finance providers, and improve access to free debt advice, financial capability training, and appropriate financial services.

We work with a common framework and set of principles, but local responses are as diverse as the communities we are a part of. 

Just Finance teams have developed innovative responses, improving access to credit unions and take up of debt advice and budgeting support, accessing groups in need that other agencies don’t reach.

The insight and understanding we gain about the causes and impact of financial difficulties from working with people in local communities is invaluable and helps inform our efforts to influence policy and systems at a national level.

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Our Communities

Black Country

The Black Country is made up of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. The area has seen a resurgence in manufacturing, but low wages and savings levels remain, along with higher levels of unemployment than the national average.


Liverpool is a post-industrial city with a rich history and growing cultural standing, but with high levels of unemployment and low paid jobs. We work to promote credit unions, train volunteers and provide links to debt advice services.

Tyne to Tweed

Covering a region from the city of Newcastle upon Tyne to the Scottish border, we are working to extend the provision of responsible finance, improve financial capability and challenge the stigma around talking about money.



London’s diverse communities benefit from great assets but also suffer extreme inequalities. Over half a million Londoners have problems with debt, with those in debt owing more on credit cards, loans and other credit debts than anywhere else in the country. Londoners also have higher arrears on essential bills and face a greater struggle to make ends meet.

Our partner Capital Mass, focuses on building the capacity of churches in the capital to respond to these issues. 

Community based engagement

Our work in local communities is shaped by the opportunities and specific challenges in each particular context; by the assets and resources of communities as much as their needs and deficits.

We work as a development agency to facilitate change. We engage and mobilise communities to identify what to address and how to do it.

Bringing local organisations together with communities, we develop partnerships and support that will help to create, spread and embed key activity within the community, whilst also building the confidence and expertise of local leaders to work with us.

If you'd like to get in touch regarding our community based engagement, we'd love to hear from you.  


Made up of 20 partnerships and working relationally to catalyse and resource local activity, the Together Network and the projects it supports tackle a wide range of social issues including: loneliness, homelessness, mental health, refugees and asylum seekers, and food poverty. The Network  equips churches to engage in communities and respond to social issues, facilitates collaboration, and promotes best practice.

Financial exclusion and financial distress cut across many of these issues and a number of the Network partnerships are working with local communities to develop holistic responses where money problems can be addressed alongside other services. The Just Finance Foundation offers support, expertise and resources to the Network.

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